Seller – Concept Group Limited Liability Company (TIN 7801506440, PSRN 1097847317721, place of business address: 16 Bolshaya Monetnaya str., bldg. 1, lit. B., Saint Petersburg, Russia, 197101).
User/Buyer - any natural person who voluntarily passed the registration and/or placed an order at the site and get unique login details (login and password).
Website - a resource located on the Internet at the following address eng.acoolakids.ru, it.acoolakids.ru
Login and Password - unique details of the User/Buyer authorization on the Site required for using the Website Services, as well as for purchasing goods from the online store;
Online store - a special section of the Site, designed for a remote selling of Goods.
Website Services - all services available for use on the eng.acoolakids.ru, it.acoolakids.ru Websites.
Order - the process of purchasing the Goods on eng.acoolakids.ru, it.acoolakids.ru Websites, it includes the User/Buyer personal information.
Goods (s) - clothing, shoes, accessories, underwear, legwear, as well as other products in the range presented in the online store, the remote sale of which is not prohibited by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
Personal Data - information that the User/Buyer provides about himself when registering (creating an account) or in using the Services, including without limitation, the User/Buyer's personal data, in accordance with c. 1.3 of the Agreement list.
Registration - the steps to create the User/Buyer account using the User/Buyer e-mail, namely the e-mail comes with a letter and the registration is completed if you click a hyperlink or receiving an email with login and password. By these actions (including the further use of the login and password on the Site), the User/Buyer further confirms that the terms of this Agreement are fully clear to the User/Buyer and he agrees entirely to the Agreement.
Account – a personal profile of the User/Buyer on the Website which available only after successful authentication (entering the correct login and password), it is designed to keep information that the User/Buyer reported by himself, and for Order management.
Personal Account - a personalized interface of the Website with a set of user tools to make purchases of goods on the Website internet store, as well as for the use of the Website personalized services.
User Agreement – this Agreement governing the relations between Concept Group LLC and the User/Buyer during the whole period of providing the User/Buyer access to the personalized services of the Site.
Newsletter is information that may be sent as SMS message to the User/Buyer phone number and e-mail, which gives the opportunity: to get the number and status of the order. Order processing is impossible without a newsletter, as there will be no possibility to inform the User/Buyer about the fact of placing an order, the number and status of the Order.
Advertising mailing – mailing, aimed to obtain information about special offers, new products and promotions on telecommunication networks and postal services (including but not limited to: SMS-mailing, email sending) by phone number and/or e-mail address specified by the User/Buyer.

1. Processing of personal data:

1.1. The User/Buyer (the personal data subject) confirms that he acts in its own will and in its interest and realizes that by checking a box in the corresponding field "I accept the end user privacy agreement" authorizes the processing of Concept Group LLC (and also to the person who processes personal data on behalf of Concept Group LLC) of their personal data, as well as personal data of a minor child to whom the User/Buyer is the father/mother/caretaker/guardian.

1.2. The purpose of processing personal data: the formation of and execution of civil law contracts; Consideration/presentation of complaints, claims of subjects of personal data; Providing third parties with information on subjects with their written consent; Execution of requests for operational investigations; With the purpose of processing, registering the information required for the implementation of the Seller's bonus program (if any): referrals to special offer participants (if such programs are conducted by the Seller); Information about new products and promotions; Answers to requests; Fulfillment of obligations to the subjects as buyers of goods and service receiver, for registration of the User/Buyer in the online store; For processing and delivery of the User/Buyer's orders; To evaluate and analyze the work of the online store; To determine the winner in the sales promotions held by the Seller (if any); To recover the password; For the implementation of advertising mailing, processing and receipt of payments from the User/Buyer; Providing the User/Buyer with effective customer support.

1.3. The list of personal data, for the processing of which the consent of the subject of personal data is given: Full name, gender, date of birth, phone number, email address, date of birth of children under the age of 14 years, a password to access the online store, which is stored in an encrypted form, the address for delivery of the order;

1.4. Name and address of the person processing personal data on behalf of Concept Group LLC:

1.5. The list of actions with personal data on which consent is given and the ways of processing personal data are used: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, improvement (updating, modification), distribution (including transfer), use, depersonalization, blocking, and destruction of personal data.

1.6. Concept Group LLC protects personal data of the User/Buyer in accordance with the requirements for protection of this kind of data. For the protection of the User/Buyer's personal data, ensuring its proper use and preventing unauthorized and/or accidental access to it, Concept Group LLC applies necessary and sufficient technical and administrative measures. Personal data provided by the User/Buyer is stored on servers with limited access located in protected premises. With regard to the User/Buyer's personal information, its confidentiality is preserved, except for cases of voluntary provision by the User/Buyer of data about himself for general access to an unlimited number of persons.

1.7. Processing of personal data will be carried out by means of mixed processing with transferring through the internal network of a legal entity, over the Internet.

1.8. The period during which the consent of the subject of personal data acts is 50 (fifty) years from the date specified in this consent.

1.9. Concept Group LLC stores data on the User/Buyer's orders within 5 (five) years from the date of the order.

1.10. Consent to the processing of personal data may be withdrawn by the User/Buyer on the eng.acoolakids.ru, it.acoolakids.ru websites through the Chat or Feedback form, specifying the name and phone number

1.11. Concept Group LLC undertakes to stop processing or ensure the termination of such processing, within a period not exceeding thirty days from the date of receipt of the application for withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data (of one's own or of the child)

1.12. Concept Group LLC does not verify the personal data provided by the User/Buyer and does not control its relevance. Concept Group LLC comes from the fact that the User/Buyer provides accurate personal data and keep this data up to date. The User/Buyer takes all responsibility, as well as the possible consequences of providing inaccurate or irrelevant personal data.

1.13. Concept Group LLC has the right to use cookies. Cookies - service information sent by the web server to the user's device for saving in the browser. It is used to store data specific to this user and used by the web server. Cookies do not contain confidential data and may be passed on to third parties and services to simplify navigation and to adapt it to the user's needs.

1.14. Concept Group LLC is not responsible for the information provided by the Buyer on the Website in a public format.

1.15. When processing personal data of users, Concept Group LLC is governed by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Personal Data".

2. Changing the User/Buyer's personal data:

2.1. User/Buyer may at any time change (update, bring up to date) giving them personal information in them Personal Account on the part of the name, phone number, password, address for the order delivery.

3. Unsubscribing advertising messages:

3.1. User/Buyer has the right to unsubscribe advertising mailings by mobile phone number and/or e-mail address at any time.

3.2. You can unsubscribe advertising mailings in one of the following ways:

4. The User/Buyer's consent/disagreement with the End User's Privacy Agreement:

4.1. The User/Buyer has the right to refuse to confirm the Agreement if any condition is unacceptable for him.

4.2. The User/Buyer confirms that he acts in its own will and in its interest and realizes that by checking a box in "I accept the end user privacy agreement" the corresponding field, he confirms that the terms of the End User's Privacy Agreement are completely clear to User/Buyer, User/Buyer accepts these conditions unconditionally and in full and gives his consent:

5. Changing the End User's Privacy Agreement:

Concept Group LLC has the right to make changes to this Agreement. When making changes to the current version, the date of the last update is indicated. The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment of its posting on the eng.acoolakids.ru, it.acoolakids.ru websites in the section "Support Service", unless otherwise provided by the new edition of the Agreement.

6. Feedback from Concept Group LLC, comments and suggestions:

On the eng.acoolakids.ru, it.acoolakids.ru websites through the Chat or Feedback form, specifying the name and phone number.

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